Lincoln Park Fashioned£12

Woodford Reserve bourbon, muddled dark cherry & orange, orange bitters

Pilsen Pepino12

Tequila, triple sec, cucumber, jalapeno, lime, pineapple juice, basil, cilantro

The Loop Manhattan12

Buffalo Trace bourbon, Luxardo, Angostura bitters, cherry

Uptown Sidecar12

Courvoisier, Cointreau, lemon juice, pear nectar, sugar-rimmed glass, orange wedge

Wicker Park Mule10

Tito’s Vodka, ginger beer, lime juice

River North Cosmo12

Ketel One Citron, ginger, lime juice, blue curacao, cranberry

Magnificent Mile 7711

Jean Louis Brut, St. Germain, lemon juice, lemon twist

Wrigleyville Island12

Ketel One vodka, Bacardi rum, Bombay gin, Jose Cuervo tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, Coca Cola

Little Italy Negroni11

Tanqueray gin, Campari, Fernet Branca, Simple, Fresh OJ

Viagra Triangle Martini12

Grey Goose, dry vermouth, olive juice, bleu cheese olives

Boystown Breeze10

Bacardi coconut rum, pineapple juice, cranberry juice

Logan Square Sazerac12

Bulleit Rye, bitters, Pernod, sugar, lemon peel

Chicago Fall12

Bulleit bourbon, port wine, maple syrup, black cherry, white & red pepper flakes

Chicago Winter11

Beefeater gin, creme de menthe, chartreuse, chocolate

Chicago Spring12

Effen Cucumber vodka, St. Germaine, lime juice, soda

Chicago Summer11

Bacardi rum, passion fruit puree, mango, mint

The DOCtail Menu

The D.O.C.

James E Pepper 1776 Rye, Orange Bitters, Sugar, Orange Twist 

Black Walnut Whiskey Cocktail

Woodford Reserve Rye, Black Walnut Bitters, Sugar, Orange Twist

Chin Wag

The Glenlivet 12 Year, Orgeat, Lemon Juice, Egg White, Nutmeg, Lemon Twist


Templeton Rye, Italian Vermouth, Lucid Absinthe Supérieure, Aromatic Bitters, Orange Bitters, Lemon Twist

Vieux Carré

Rémy Martin V.S.O.P., Woodford Reserve Rye, Italian Vermouth, Bénédictine, Peychaud’s Bitters, Aromatic Bitters

The Bergeron

Bacardí Select, Grand Marnier, Orgeat, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Mint Sprig, Lime Cap

El Presidente

Bacardí 8 Años, French Vermouth, Grand Marnier, Artisanal Pomegranate Grenadine, Orange Twist

Papa Doble

Bacardí Superior, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry

Gin Sling

Tanqueray, Bénédictine, Kirschwasser, Lime Juice, Soda, Lime Spiral


Bombay Sapphire, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Orange Bitters, Lemon Juice, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry


Bombay Sapphire, Crème de Violette, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry, Lemon Twist

Corpse Reviver No. 2

Bombay Sapphire, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, Lucid Absinthe Supérieure, Lemon Juice, Orange Twist

Charo's Kick

Don Julio Blanco, El Búho Mezcal, Creme de Menthe, Orgeat, Lemon Juice, Lemon Twist

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

Don Julio Reposado, El Búho Mezcal, Aztec Chocolate Bitters, Sugar, Orange Twist

L'Heure Verte

One measure of Lucid Absinthe Supérieure served in a traditional absinthe glass. An absinthe spoon is used to perch a sugar cube atop the glass, over which ice-cold water is dripped slowly from an absinthe fountain.

Best enjoyed at five-o’clock in the afternoon.

Death in the Afternoon

“Pour one jigger absinthe into a Champagne glass. Add iced Champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly.”

– Ernest Hemingway